Naufal Shidqi

I'm Naufal Shidqi .

Applied AI/ML/DL, Data Science, and Edge/Mobile Computing Enthusiast.

Naufal ShidqiI'm a technology and AI enthusiast currently studying for a Master’s Degree in Computer Science at KAIST and a student research assistant at the Data Science Group of the Institute for Basic Science (IBS) advised by Prof. Meeyoung Cha.

My interests include applied Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML)/Deep Learning (DL), edge-device/mobile computing, and computer vision, as well as discovering useful patterns and knowledge extracted from data. In IBS, currently I'm working on super-resolution problem in downscaling climate research data using deep learning.

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All contents on this site are my own personal opinions and ideas, and do not reflect opinions of my institutions/organizations.


Aug 29, 2022

I'm happy to share that I joined IBS Data Science Group as a research assistant.

Aug 29, 2022

My first day as a Master's Student in Computer Science at KAIST.

Jul 29, 2022

I completed my Korean Language Program at Keimyung University.

Jun 28, 2021

I received a fully funded Global Korean Scholarship (GKS) from Korean Government for graduate study.


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